Merger FAQs

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General Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Waypoint Homes and Invitation Homes merge?
This unique combination will bring a higher level of efficiency and will ultimately provide better service to our residents. Our new company will be a strong industry leader with high-quality homes in desirable neighborhoods. We will blend the best of our methods, systems, and people to deliver the finest customer experience.

If I have an appointment scheduled for a maintenance visit, move-in or move-out inspection, tune up inspection, or to view a home, is my appointment still valid?
Yes, your appointment is still scheduled and valid.

Will you still have all of my account and lease information?
Yes, we will retain all your previous information, including your lease agreement.

Contact Information

Who is my property manager and where is the office located?
Your property manager and office location will remain the same. If at any point these change, we will provide an update.

Will my new Property Manager be contacting me?
Since your property manager will not be changing, they will not be contacting residents about the merger at this time.


What policies have changed?
At this time, all policies and lease requirements will remain the same. If, at any point these change, we will provide an update.

Lease, Rent & Payment

Has my lease changed?
No, the details of your lease will remain the same throughout the duration of the lease.

How do I access the Resident Portal?

  • Log in to the resident portal at Use the login information you currently use.
  • You will be able to access the resident portal to pay your rent and submit work orders.
  • We are continually making updates to the resident portal to enhance your services, so you may need to enter your address before accessing the portal.
  • Don’t forget to bookmark the link to the portal on your browser.

How do I pay rent?
Access the resident portal located at See above for portal information.

Is rent still due on the first of the month?
Yes, rent is due on the first of each month, and late fees will be applied if it is not received on time.

Has my rent amount changed?

  • No. Your rent, applicable taxes, pet rent, and smart home services will remain the same per your lease agreement.
  • Rent is still due on the first of the month. You can pay rent online by visiting

Will the late fees and grace period change?
No, the fees and grace period will remain as stated in your lease agreement.

Where does my security deposit go? Can I have that back now?
We will continue to hold your security deposit through the remainder of your lease.

Do I need to keep the utilities in my name?
Yes, you will continue to pay the utilities per your lease agreement. No changes are required on your part.

What happens to my recurring payment?
All recurring payments via the online resident portal will remain the same. If you need to make a change, please visit


How do I file a service request?
Access the resident portal located at See above for portal information.

What happens to my recurring lawn maintenance or pool service?
All recurring services will remain the same.

What happens to my existing maintenance request?
Your maintenance request remains in our system. To check the status of your work order, please log in to the resident portal at


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