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Our Headquarters 901 Main Street, Suite #4700 Dallas, TX 75202

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Atlanta, GA Leasing: 855-684-7368 Resident Services: 877-760-2470
Charlotte, NC Leasing: 855-709-7368 Resident Services: 877-759-7588
Chicago, IL Leasing: 855-715-7368 Resident Services: 877-759-7584
Inland Empire, CA Leasing: 855-716-7368 Resident Services: 877-759-7583
Jacksonville, FL Leasing: 855-718-7368 Resident Services: 877-759-7582
Las Vegas, NV Leasing: 855-719-7368 Resident Services: 877-759-7580
Los Angeles/Ventura Counties, CA Leasing: 855-721-7368 Resident Services: 877-759-7554
Miami, FL Leasing: 855-730-7368 Resident Services: 855-856-3843
Minneapolis, MN Leasing: 855-564-7368 Resident Services: 855-540-7368
Northern California Leasing: 855-731-7368 Resident Services: 877-759-7561
Orlando, FL Leasing: 855-380-7368 Resident Services: 877-759-7556
Phoenix, AZ Leasing: 855-390-7368 Resident Services: 877-759-7558
Seattle, WA Leasing: 855-393-7368 Resident Services: 877-759-7562
Tampa, FL Leasing: 855-391-7368 Resident Services: 877-759-7563

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